Tomas Dubecky

CFO & Head of Finance


Sometimes you might discover the passion that you have been aware that it might exist. When I finished my study in field of Economics, I would never guess how passionate I will become about cement production - and still, everybody who had dubious pleasure of attending any of my trainings knows that I can and I will talk about cement a lot, despite being already four years "out of game".

Since my graduation 14 years ago, my professional career is always connected to one industry. I started as a plant controller in Turňa cement plant, privately owned operation those days, close to Košice, and after few years of wandering in space (Rohožník, Zürich) and hierarchical ladder (Plant Controller, Head of Controlling, Corporate Controller) I made full circle and finished where I begun - in Košice, this time not in a plant, but still as a part of big LafargeHolcim family, supporting business from the other side. When offer to join EBS came in early 2015, I jumped in without too much hesitation - offer like this you simply do not want to miss. Being a part of starting company, backed by LafargeHolcim Group know how, is always a great learning experience. And since then, my teams just grow and grow.

Quite often, I hear a question, if I am not bored in shared services, after working in production. Frankly, not at all. In a certain regard, our goals are the same as in a plant - we need to improve, to be every year more and more effective, we need to use our creativity to full extent to deliver demanding targets. We might use different tools, but at the end, it is still a challenge and an adventure - and that I love.