Succeed your Interview

Don´  t make these mistakes in your phone interview!

Recruitment process in international companies may be quite complex. When staffing multiple positions, recruiters go through hundreds of CVs in various quality at once to select those to be invited in person. In many cases, the first part of recruitment is a short phone pre-screening lasting from 5 to 30 minutes. Process of phone interviews differs based on the company´ s needs and methodologies of interviewing candidates. Yet there are a few generally reliable tips how to increase your chance for success:

  1. Once you have applied for a positon, check your missed calls, messages & email regularly. If you have a missed call, call back, it could be a recruiter. Approximately 30% of candidates do not call back or reply to messages
  2. When having a phone call with recruiters, do not try to reschedule the call to another day just to get some information about the company, learn foreign language phrases or get to more comfortable environment. Recruiters may contact up to 30 candidates per day thus may not be able to contact you again in next few days. However, if you are really in a situationn when you cannot have the call, explain the situation and reschedule the conversation based on recruiter´ s availability.
  3. Provide fruitful responses to recruiter´  s questions. Describe your education, details on your work experience or motivation. Adding extra information on top of what the recruiter sees in your CV will increase your credibility. Do not look up your responses in papers, prepared notes, do not click or browse the Internet to find the right word in a translator.
  4. Act naturally and politely - exaggerated, arrogant, too condifent speech, vulgarism or inappropriate comments will likely not leave the impression you aspire for.
  5. Keep positive approach towards possible opportunity and yourself, smile during the conversation. Companies are not looking for a frustrated gradiate unhappy from many rejections before.

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  • Chosen candidates are contacted by HR for a short phone interview. Due to capacity reasons we do not contact all candidates
  • Candidates CV, who are not contacted via phone, will be saved in database for future possible cooperation
  • Next step is a personal interview with internal HR