Get to know košice


The second largest city in Slovakia and the centre of East Slovakia, Košice is a dynamic, lively and fast-growing urban and business hub.

In medieval times, Košice was among the largest cities in Europe. The town’s well preserved old centre is a living witness of the Košice’s glorious past. Museums, galleries, theatres, charming cafés, restaurants and boutiques all blend to make the old centre as lively and as exciting today, as it was centuries ago. No wonder it was given the title “European Capital of Culture” in 2013.

Košice is also home to one of the largest Slovakia’s universities and its 16.000 students, making up a bustling and youthful urban community.

The presence of this huge pool of young and highly educated candidates meant that it was the perfect location for becoming an IT hub. Today, over 7.000 people work in the Košice IT Valley, where several major international corporations also have offices.

European Business Services is one of the newest members of this dynamic and growing business community. We fell in love with Košice, we are sure you will too.